Dreem Street is Matthew Chambers and E*Rock.

All items are hand printed by an actual artist at our studios in our Portland, OR and Bozeman, MT. Images are painted onto a screen with drawing fluid and screen filler, hand pulled in very short editions, we use water-based ink, with no photochemical process or burning involved, no computer, and no automated print mechanisms. No shirt is without its own individual flaws and will not look like the shirts you get at the mall. Guaranteed! The “artisanal*” process is slow so reprints not happen often. We don’t do holds, custom prints, or exchanges.

*The"A" word, as in, non-industrial, small-scale, handmade.


Items go out in 1-5 days USPS with a tracking number.

Domestic: T-shirt: $4.98 (+$1.00 with others)

Domestic : Sweats: $9.00 (+$2.00 with others)

Canada: T-shirt: $12.98 (+$2 with others) 

Canada: Sweats: $19.98 (+$2 with others)

World: T-shirt: $19.98 (+$2 with others) 

World: Sweats: $22.98 (+$2 with others) 


If you're buying as a gift to someone and want to leave a message just let us know and we'll draw something up to put in there. No problem.


All prints are water based textile inks. For the longevity of your garments turn inside out and machine wash cold and air dry. Heat is the worst enemy of all your clothing. And maybe spaghetti.

If we made a mistake or you have a problem with your order please contact us because we want you to be happy with your thing.

Sorry, we can’t do exchanges. If you would like to return something contact us. Item should retain original screen printed packaging and be unwashed/unused.